Buffalo Photographer


Looking back at my early childhood, my earliest memory of a film camera had to be getting knocked in the head from my mother’s bulky Nikkor lens, way before they were manufactured with a soft rubber coating with plastics. Maybe it was then when photography was literally put into my skull. Regardless, I was always fascinated by what my mother could capture and her ability to tell a story from one scene.

Skip quite a few years ahead, and my interest grew immensely while getting my Bachelors degree from SUNY Oswego. I felt a strong desire to try and capture some great action shots of the #1 nationally ranked NCAA DIII Oswego Lakers men’s hockey team. They averaged eight goals a game or so in some seasons, which certainly helped to capture some pucks hitting the back of the net.

Moving to Buffalo, NY a few years after college was the best and most interesting way to capture a brand new city, I had only visited once before. This mini-city has so much rich history which so many deserted industrial buildings, perfect for a photographer.

Much of my inspiration comes from my most passionate things in life. There’s nothing I love doing more than being outdoors and exploring the unknown in a state park, coast of Lake Erie, etc. Being a fan of hockey, soccer, baseball, and football keeps me on my toes and pushes me to freeze the moment while telling a story with only a few images.

Today I use my photography skills to see my work and life in a different perspective; whether it be work on a website or finding a new path at a park I’ve traveled a hundred times, I pride myself in how I capture every moment.

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