A few years ago I decided to pick up my things and head north to Buffalo, NY for a new path and most importantly a better career path. It was risky, but diving head-first into a new city only knowing a couple of people and not knowing much, other than it’s cold and there are of course good wings anywhere, my photography allowed me to explore the stunning city that has so many layers.

I’m still surprised by how often people ask “wait – you moved to Buffalo…?” but it’s a city I can certainly call home. Between the city-life you can have, to some amazing parks so close by (I’m looking at you Letchworth), I’ve fallen in love.

The images below are just a small sample of many photos I’ve shot all throughout Buffalo. Whether it be the amazing sunsets from nearly any location, to of course the world famous Winfest where I met the one and only Joey Chestnut, there’s always something happening in this small-town, big-city feel place.